Happy New Year + Week in Review – January 3rd, 2016

Happy New Year! It is that time of the year again. Time to start creating resolutions. Now, I personally, use to hate this time of the year when I was in college. The gym was flooded with individuals and in 3-4 weeks, the gym would be empty again. You spent more time weaving in between bodies, rather than actually exercising. Maybe I should have considered the weaving an excellent means of cardio in between sets? Okay, probably not.
Now that I have entered the fitness realm as a professional, this is now my favorite time of the year. Everyone is extremely motivated because it is a new year to a new them. Heck, this goes for me as well! I’ve set goals both on a personal and business level. The clock struck New Years and I felt refreshed and motivated to annihilate my resolutions!
Now, many fitness professionals, however, may disagree with the previous mentioned and state that all should be looking to be their best—year round. Yes, I do agree, and I have written it and said it a thousand plus times and then some. But, what I have learned since my undergraduate days is this: everyone needs a little help figuring out what to do now and again. The world, more specifically the internet, is extremely overwhelming. You have social media telling you to do “X” this way, then you have others stating you should do “X” in an opposing manner. Both completely at opposite ends of the spectrum. You are left with the expression of Macauley Caulkin in Home Alone and you quickly throw in the towel. Maybe next year you tell yourself, maybe next year!
Well, next year will end up just like this year. My best advice to accomplish any goal (i.e., resolutions in this respect) is this: keep things simple and not overwhelming! My other advice: “Don’t procrastinate. Just do it!”
With that being said, if you ever need anything, please let me know and I will help clear things up for you. Everyone has a right to live fit and healthy!
1.) Now, one of my goals is this: To produce a weekly review of varying fitness and nutrition articles for you to peruse, plus a little extra about what is going on with me and Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training.  For starters, I have created and extra tab for you to peruse my traveling adventures. Matter of fact, my wife and I just went out West for a little R&R and to celebrate her graduating with her Masters in Nursing from Xavier University. Boom! The Travel Section starts with our honeymoon to Italy. Check out our travels here: TRAVEL SECTION. Enjoy!
2.) For me, it is time to start training for the Flying Pig Full-Marathon held here in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 1st. Matter of fact, I just registered for the race. I ended the first week with 26.6 miles and looking to accomplish 40 miles this coming week. Running….it’s my thing! To all other runners out there, please be sure to incorporate strength training as your season begins for whatever distance you are training for. You will be a much stronger runner, injury-free, and you’ll look fit (not skinny-fat 🙂 ).
3.) I have been posting daily “Tips for the year 2016” on our Facebook page (Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training). Whether you have Facebook or not, these are visible to all.
Tip #1 for the year 2016: Meal Preparation
Tip #2 for the year 2016: Measuring Progress


Recipe of the Week:
Avocado, Feta, & Ranch Chicken Burgers – Cat @ The Rustic Willow. [Note: I created this with Turkey instead and used a skillet instead of a grill.]
Avocado Chicken Burger
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That is all I have for you for this week! If there is anything I can ever do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. Especially, with it being the beginning of the year.
Joshua Reed
Joshua Reed is an Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is the owner of Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training. He currently operates a small space in Ludlow, Kentucky and travels to see clients in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. He offers both personal, online, and small group coaching from his location, the client’s home, and/or outdoors. He is a 2012 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Adult Fitness and Wellness Management. Joshua currently attends the University of Kentucky’s, where he is earning a Master’s degree in Biomechanics with a concentration in running mechanics and injury prevention.