The 9/11 "WE WILL NEVER FORGET" Memorial Workout

The 9/11 “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” Memorial Workout

[Day 11 of the 30 Day “RUN YOUR BEST” Challenge]

The 9/11 “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” Memorial Workout

Run Your Best

It is day 11 of the 30 day “RUN YOUR BEST” challenge. But, today is also September 11th, a day we will never forget. Today, our workout will be to for those 3000+ lives that were lost on this day 14 years ago.

Now that we are 11 days in, how are you feeling? If you are experiencing any aches or pains, please feel free to contact me. In addition, if you would like me to take a look at your running form, please feel free to also contact me and we can set an appointment to meet in person or you can send me a video from your phone.

If you are having some aches and pains, check out this recent article by FitFluential: Common Running Ailments

Day 11 Workout: The 9/11 Memorial Workout 

  • Today, you will perform the following:

    • 10 Minute Warm-Up: Jog/Walk

    • The 9/11 Memorial Workout:

      • 9 sets for the next ~11 minutes (hence the 9/11 🙂 )

      • Run at about 80% for :35 seconds then give yourself a :45 second jog/walk recovery period. Repeat this 9x as stated above. When you finish the 9 sets, this will take you about 11 minutes.

    • 10 Minute Cool-Down: Jog/Walk

Day 11 Tip: Landing of the Feet 

  • Today’s tip of the day is to learn about your foot strikes. First, let me begin by letting you know that there are three types of foot strikes: heel-strike, mid-foot, forefoot. Now, whether one uses 1 of the 3 mentioned foot strikes, this is typically not something I alter if the runner is not currently injured and has run the last few weeks. This most likely means that what you are doing is working for you.

footstrike patterns in running

Photo Source: RunnersConnect.Net

  • How-To Land Softer:

    • Increase your cadence as discussed previously on Day 2. Remember, a higher cadence will shorten your stride. In return, your steps will be softer the faster your cadence is. When you have a higher cadence, your goal is to get that foot on the ground and back off the ground. In other words, you want your feet to move quickly from one foot to the other with a light and soft foot placement.

    • Land with a mid to forefoot strike. This will allow you to move forward more efficiently and act as a spring mechanism. Typically when landing with a heel-strike, one will not have as smooth of a turnover. Once again, as a beginner runner, don’t focus on this as much. Focus more on the next point.

    • Lastly and most importantly, try to strike your foot directly underneath you. This means you do not want to over-stride which is what many runners do in the beginning. They believe that to run faster, you must reach further. Unfortunately, when you over-stride there is a braking motion which causes all of the forces from the ground to travel up and throughout your body. This is Newton’s 3rd law which basically states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, as your foot hits the ground with “x” amount of forces, the earth then transmits the same amount of force back to you. In other words, not good for the body when you land hard and incorrectly. By landing your feet directly underneath you, you will be able to reduce your injuries and run more efficiently. 🙂

Check out this demonstration on Newton Running’s Website. Play with the control settings to slow the runner down and speed up the runner’s cadence. Notice how long the foot strides are and how the runner lands. For example, when the runner has a slower cadence, they appear to hit the ground harder.

Once you finish your workout, post it here so we can keep one another #inspired, #motivated, and #accountable. Always remember that we are here to support one another. Do not be intimidated or frustrated with your ability compared to another. We are in this to be our personal best.

Feel free to post a picture or status after your run and use the hashtag #teamrwft. This will allow everyone to follow other members of this month’s challenge on varying social media platforms. Feel free to follow me on any of my following platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest

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Until next time, make today your best!
Joshua Reed
Owner, Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training
Author, A Runner’s Enduring Excursion


Joshua Reed
Joshua Reed is an Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is the owner of Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training. He currently operates a small space in Ludlow, Kentucky and travels to see clients in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. He offers both personal, online, and small group coaching from his location, the client’s home, and/or outdoors. He is a 2012 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Adult Fitness and Wellness Management. Joshua currently attends the University of Kentucky’s, where he is earning a Master’s degree in Biomechanics with a concentration in running mechanics and injury prevention.