Salmon Avocado Salad on Toasted Bread

Salmon Avocado Salad on Toasted Bread

Toasted Avocado Salmon Open Faced Sandwich

It was unfortunate that I could not capture the true taste of this meal in this photo because it was pretty fabulous. The plan was to follow a recipe, but then realized I should have looked at ingredients first. Oops.

Come to find out, we didn’t even have half of what the recipe called for. I mean, the recipe was called an “Avocado Tuna Salad” and we didn’t even have tuna…

So, we put together our own version and titled it, “Salmon Avocado Salad on Toasted Bread“.

After logging the ingredients on MyFitnessPal, we simply halved the serving for everything. Listed below is one of our servings, but you could probably get in an additional serving sandwich since we placed leftovers on a side plate.

It was scrumptious.


***Click on image to enlarge***

***Click on image to enlarge***


  1. Chop apple and add to a large bowl with all remaining ingredients.

  2. Use a large fork or potato masher to combine.

  3. Serve on toasted bread, in a pita, or in a wrap.

  4. Yes, it is simply that easy! 🙂

Give this Salmon Avocado Salad on Toasted Bread a try and let me know what you think.

Comment below with your favorite breakfast or lunch recipe.

Joshua Reed
Joshua Reed is an Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is the owner of Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training. He currently operates a small space in Ludlow, Kentucky and travels to see clients in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. He offers both personal, online, and small group coaching from his location, the client’s home, and/or outdoors. He is a 2012 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Adult Fitness and Wellness Management. Joshua currently attends the University of Kentucky’s, where he is earning a Master’s degree in Biomechanics with a concentration in running mechanics and injury prevention.