Some foods we keep in stock and their benefits

Some foods we keep in stock and their benefits

My wife and I love to cook and we love trying new foods and recipes. Here is a list of a few items we try to keep in stock at all times and some of their benefits. Enjoy! 🙂

Our grocery cart with the typical household items. :)

Our grocery cart with the typical household items. 🙂


Apples “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

According to MedicalNewsToday, the benefits of an apple is indeed that of a “nutritional powerhouse”. They are full of benefits as mentioned in this article. Apples have been shown to increase your immune system’s resistance and keep your red blood cells and nervous system in good health. In addition, apples decrease the amount of bad cholesterol from rising. Make sure you eat the peel though as it contains a lot of nutrition is as well.



In this article, you will find the many benefits of this fruit—did you know it is also known as a berry? Interestingly, avocados have more potassium than a banana and high in protein. We typically either slice it up and add it to a meal or remove the pit and eat the inside with a spoon. The benefits of an avocado also include that of repairing damaged hair and skin.



Bananas are most commonly known as a great source of potassium in order to decrease muscle cramps. Just like the avocado, potassium aids in muscle and nerve function. View this article for more information on bananas.



For you local Cincinnatians, this article shows that the University of Cincinnati discovered a connection between a boost in memory and blueberries. In addition, these little berries combat heart disease and prevent UTI’s.



I would offer a surplus amount of benefits, but there are a ton of cereals out there. So, I will leave you with an article to peruse with information on how to find a healthy cereal for you.

Our cabinet of cereals. :)

Our cabinet of cereals. 🙂


There has been a huge debate for quite some time regarding egg yolk. To eat or not to eat? This article states that research now shows that the egg (with yolk) increases the amount of good cholesterol. But, the MayoClinic recommends no more than 4 a week. In another article, AskMen provide further information on the benefits of egg as good cholesterol helps maintain cell walls and insulate nerve fibers.



There are obviously an excess of varieties, so enjoy your exploration. Fish are full of omega-3s, but try not to have anymore than 4 fish a week and no more than 2 a week if you are pregnant as fish contains a pollutant called PCB. The benefits of fish according to this article, protect you against alcohol-related dementia, oral and skin cancers, boost memory and motor development.


Greek yogurt

In this article, USNews shows the differences between regular and greek yogurt. One of the main reasons we enjoy it is because of it being higher in protein. Yogurt is also a great source for calcium.



Mushrooms are a great item to sauté and throw into a dinner, a salad or even a sandwich. In a recent article, mushrooms are described to have a plethora of Vitamin D. In addition, studies have shown that mushrooms aid in lowering the risk of bladder cancer, obtain Vitamin B in order to boost your metabolism and may even boost your immune functioning.


Nut Butters

Nutty butters — a staple item in our home! Nut butters come in a variety of flavors and in a variety of nuts as shown in the picture below. In this article, explains that UC Berkeley found that the benefits varies with each nut, but the general notion is that nuts are great for improving cholesterol levels in order to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Nutty Butters

My wife went on a nutty butter shopping spree. 🙂


A quick and easy breakfast — unless you are adding ingredients the way we do by mixing a variety of fruits within. We typically buy oatmeal that contains whole grain oats and not loaded with sodium and sugar as described in this article. Oatmeal is a great source for fiber and lowering your “bad” cholesterol. The MayoClinic recommends oatmeal as one of the top 5 foods you should be eating.



WebMD calls this item, the “Queen of Greens”. Kale is also known as a “nutritional powerhouse” as it is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C and K. What does that mean? Well, they are great for cancer protection and also lowering your cholesterol.



If you do not know about quinoa, it is time! This item is a great substitute for rice. According to Diana Herrington of the Huffington Post, quinoas popularity has been known among healthy advocates for quite some time, but became more popular as gluten-free dieting increased. Quinoa is a great source of protein. Interestingly, Diana goes on to state that quinoa is also a good source of riboflavin which improves energy metabolism within the brain cells, thus, reducing the frequency attacks for migraine sufferers.



Scarf down some spinach and watch out, Popeye! Well, not really. According to MensFitness, spinach will not provide you with “insta-muscles or superhuman strength” the way it did for Popeye. But, if you eat enough per week it might make your muscles more efficient during a workout. Maybe that means Popeye ate a lot of spinach and worked out? Spinach is a great source of lutein which has been shown to improve eyesight, vitamin k for bone health and iron to boost energy.



As there are a variety of squashes to choose from, the benefits may differ slightly. In this Livestrong article, winter squash contains a surplus of vitamin A which has been linked to improving lung health, as well as, folate which has been shown to protect against birth defects and heart attacks.
Zucchini (Summer Squash)

In this Livestrong article, zucchini is a great source of vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin, and manganese. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce cellular damage, improve nerve cell communication and keep your tissues strong. Lutein and zeaxanthin promote healthy eyesight and manganese helps produce collagen for efficient wound healing.


Check out MedicineNet’s Top 10 Healthy Foods


What are your favorite foods you keep in stock?

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